80 square ft

Take advantage of 80 square feet of our best storage space to store all your valuables. Our most popular storage units offer generous self storage space and can hold the contents of a large walk-in closet up to the contents of a bedroom with boxes and furniture. When you need more space for your contents than a small unit can provide, mid-size units are an appropriate option that will provide you with plenty of space. Although they are larger than small units, mid-sized units are still affordable and are offered at affordable prices.

Many Entrepôt Mayer customers choose mid-sized units for their perfect fit, allowing them to comfortably store all their items. An 8’x10′ storage unit is the size of half the size of a standard garage for one car. Your contents can also be easily stacked to increase utilization efficiency and space capacity.

personal storage use

Medium-sized units allow you to adapt the contents of a one-bedroom apartment to a large family room. Household furniture such as bed, bedside tables, small round dining table, chairs, bookcase, television, coffee table, two-seater sofa and appliances can all be installed in the unit.

business storage use

Perfect for organizing, storing or archiving office documents, supplies or excess inventory. Office equipment and furniture such as desks, chairs, lamps, televisions and other tools can be safely stored in a high-quality, medium-sized unit. These units can make a positive contribution to your office and improve the productivity of your business.